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Unknown Cry

The track ‘Michi No Nakigoe’ is a direct reflection of my obsession with Japanese music and its culture. The Japanese word ‘Michi No Nakigoe’ translates to unknown cry in English and we shall see why I named it.

At first, I wanted to create a hard-hitting Japanese track, but as I kept adding elements to the track, I wanted it to be soothing and relaxed.

I started with simple melody and added soft drums and percussions to it. I left a gap for the track’s bridge, and I constructed ending as a grand mixture of sounds which were pretty intense.

I needed something for the transition that could take the soft intro and harsh ending and blend it together nicely. To achieve that I decided to add an orchestral twist to the track. I listened to a lot of orchestral tracks for few days and took some notes from them. I tried to incorporate those elements into my track. And voila! The transition was perfect as it perfectly took the soft intro to the grand sounding crescendo of the track.

I added few effects and mastered the track and that’s it –  the track was ready.

Whenever I create a track, I listen to the complete exported audio file and try to name it according to the vibe it generates. As I listened to the track, I saw myself in a scene where a wounded soldier was crying for help in the battleground. That gave the idea for the track name, so I named it unknown cry. As this was a Japanese track I used google translate and translated the same to Japanese.

I always wanted to learn how to make orchestral music and this song gave me the right opportunity. I didn’t plan a soft sounding orchestral piece in the beginning but things happened as I went with my work. You never know what might come in front of you until you start doing it. And I am looking forward to experimenting with new genres and trying to create cool new music.


Anurag Hruday studies Engineering in Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati. He will be graduating in 2019.

Featured Image : “_art_Samurai Illustrations” by Mario Fernandes is licensed under CC

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