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Chotamota Foundation

How do communities promote good life? We had asked Chotamota Foundation :

The ChotaMota Foundation (CMF) is a community, a forum, a movement but essentially just a collective of friends.

It is just the creative space you would crave to be in. A space for expressing your “own” ideas, in words or colours, not bound by the expectations of others.

CMF is an online platform for thinkers and creators – both young and not-so-young. It holds regular online Art Programs on selected forms of visual arts and creative writings for young (aged 15 to 27 years) innovative minds. And, young aspirants can leave an impression of the inner workings of not-so-idle mind there. Financial awards are given for out-of-box art works selected by a distinguished jury. CMF has conducted six such Art Programs till the end of 2018.

So far, CMF has rewarded 151 young artists from all over India. It includes 38 in Cartoon, Caricature and Comics section, 18 in Creative Writing( Bangla and English) section, 41 in Painting section, 33 in Photography section, 7 in poster and 14 in Short Film section.

Instead of conferring “Ranks”, CMF offers grades to the Artists which are named as Trailblazer, Dreamspinner, Mastercrafter and Budding Weaver.

Currently, the Art Program 7- 2019 is going on. It was launched on 16th March and will continue till 15th April.

Do visit to know  the details.

CMF held an exhibition of selected award-winning visual art works and organized a three-day Comics Workshop in Kolkata. Renowned authors, artists and art lovers were present in these programmes.

CMF intends to publish graphic novel(s) composed by budding artists to be launched in the Kolkata Book Fair, 2020.

CMF also promotes artistic ventures by partnering with and supporting talents. In course of time, the foundation envisages to turn itself into a meeting ground of creative minds of all ages. A meeting ground of those in need of freedom of thought and expression to flourish on their own terms. A space where one can express any thought and ask any question. There won’t always be an answer, but definitely a few kindred spirits willing to embark on a quest for the answer, often gathering a lot more questions and genuine opinions. We want you to question more. And more. And more. Because as clichéd as this might sound, there is no right or wrong. It is time we remove the negative connotations from the word ‘weird’.

We are friends and family who’ve come together in this humble initiative we felt was imperative. This foundation is set up in the memory of Pounomi Kar, who brought together all of us, and every one of you reading this, into the process of creating something beautiful. An indescribable part of all our lives, the quirky one has inspired us to reach out to all, and give a helping hand to all the voices waiting to be heard.

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