About US

Cracks in the wall promotes good life and good cause. We stand by people who enjoy the subtle and the slow beauty of living. We define good life as a pursuit of the serene. If you’re a traveler, a movie-goer, a reader, a music lover, a loner or an observer of human life then this blog is for you.

Our chief interests are literature, art, history, travel and urban landscape.

The urge to create Cracks in the wall arose because we wanted to leap away from the quotidian and the mundane. Like the rhizomic cracks in the wall our thoughts move in multiple universes.

When at work, he keeps wishing for a teleporter to fly him away to distant lands. His mind is always full of food thoughts and he wishes for good cooks to invite him to taste their creations. Plays with life walking on busy city roads. Fascinated by history and plans impromptu trips. 


Sudip Sen


Avid reader and a passionate movie enthusiast. He loves long evenings with coffee and conversation. For a long time believed Tintin was a real character. Academic by profession. 

Rajarshi Mitra